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Who we are

In a nutshell - Digital agency with a strong focus on performance and results

There are many similar agencies, but none of them are like us.

We have been proactive and on the market since 2007. Our professionals are true to their definition. We are a team of 16 people who are not just working, but also living for online marketing.

As such – we are proud to be Google’s premier partner. A certification that not many agencies can claim.

The story behind Tomatoes

The story of Tomatoes starts in Slovakia.

CEO & Founder was one of the first Google employees in Slovakia. After working for Google and acquiring hands-on experience and knowledge related to online marketing, he founded Tomatoes digital agency in 2007.

Due to these fortunate circumstances Tomatoes progressively became a pioneer in the online marketing field in Central Europe – bringing new approaches and methods rarely seen before.

Word spread and this growth did not stop. Soon Tomatoes expanded and was helping clients thrive globally. In 2018 Tomatoes opened an abroad office in Dallas, TX

Our Mission - Why we exist

Tomatoes Advertising LLC was founded to use our analytical talent and can-do attitude to help our clients thrive in a digital world. Our services are not easily replaceable commodities but rather unique tailor-made solutions. We pride ourselves in developing high performing growth strategies that create strong synergies between all the marketing channels.

Only people with the best predispositions form the core of our team – each with their specific talents which contribute to clients’ growth.

In the end – we do not only keep up with the progress, but we try to push it even further, always going the extra mile.

One stop shop in digital marketing

Digital marketing needs many kinds of professionals to cover every aspect that it offers. Many agencies only offer to cover the necessities and you need to search for other specialists that will cover the remaining vacant positions.

Not us – we offer everything from planning go-to-market strategy, through content creation to its execution on all marketing channels and in the end, we will provide you with analysis and reporting.

For more information regarding our services, see the list of what we offer:

Paid search marketing
Show them you have what they’re looking for
Paid advertising
Reach your target audiences, stay on top of their mind and encourage them to take action.
Analytics and tracking
Achieve your long-term goals with clear roadmap to digital success.
Social Media Marketing
Build brand awareness and create meaningful relationships.
Go-to-Market Strategy
Start gathering information to guarantee your success
Marketing & Growth Strategy
Achieve your long-term goals with clear roadmap to digital success.
Content Marketing
Stand out with original content
Digital Creative
Stay true to your image
Get better value without hiring in-house
Digital Marketing Consulting
Outshine your competitors with our second opinion of your digital marketing

Personal relationships with our clients

We do not want to be just your agency, we want to be your partner.

We value our clients and your results are our results. We want to see you succeed and to be part of the process, we know that we need to have close relationships with you to understand your business and its needs. Let’s face it – we are all human and life is easier without unnecessary pretenses.

By building a space for open dialogue we can talk expressively about the things that truly matter and put rubbish aside. So – let’s focus on the important bits and call things with their real names for the sake of effectiveness.


Next to honesty, here are some of the key values that we at Tomatoes commit to:

  • Commitment and dedication to results
    Your success is our success – we approach every case as a challenge and we strive to bring the best results possible

  • Proactivity
    Everything is possible to be made better – we will try to bring you always something new to improve your results


  • Passion
    We live for our profession and it is our hobby at the same time. We enjoy our work and this gives us an edge over other professionals.


  • Transparency and Integrity
    We have nothing to hide. We will tell you the objective truth. We will stop you in case of bad ideas. We own our mistakes. We listen.


  • Responsibility
    By putting your trust into our hands we effectively become an extension of your business. As such, your goals become our goals.

Who we work with

We work with companies that understand the importance of digital transformation. Seeing how crucial digital marketing is for long-term success, our clients invest appropriate resources according to their market.

By partnering with us, our customers get a trusted partner who often goes beyond the scope of work so we can reach your goals together.

Our client: Slido case study

Tomatoes took control of Slido’s performance marketing in July 2019.
Recently it has been acquired by Cisco.

Are you ready and willing to start your journey with us?