Consumer insights Jakub Sarlina 09/12/2020
Consumer insights

Level of Importance for Adults using Technology

The statistic indicates that U.S adults viewed health technology was an important factor for managing their health. 36% of adults reported it was very important and 39% of adults reported it was somewhat important in the studies.

Advantages of Using Virtual Health Care

According to a study in 2018 with U.S. adults, there were 4 advantages of using virtual health care.

  1. 54 % indicated the benefit of rescuing medical costs to patients
  2. 49 % indicated the benefit for accommodating the patient’s schedules
  3. 43 % indicated the benefit of providing timely care to patients
  4. 37% accommodating physicians’ schedules

Technologies used for U.S. Adult Health Care Management

Various forms of technologies are used for health management indicated in 2018. 56% of U.S. adults indicated websites was used for management. With a growing use of mobile phones and tablets, 45% indicated the use of their mobile devices.