Go-to market strategy-OLD Stefan 11/01/2021

Preparation is Key

Win market entry with tailor-made marketing and growth strategy

Starting a new product or venture? Start gathering information to guarantee your success. By researching your potential clients and defining a viable audience before even starting your advertising, you are on the right track to create a go-to-market strategy.

Win market entry with an actionable plan for success, accelerate your customer acquisition from the onset and do not waste precious resources.

Who is Your Ideal Client?

Good question. To know your clients, you need to get an in-depth analysis via  research. This way you can easily categorize your clients into a multitude of control groups that are defined by certain common aspects. The aspects can range from behavioral patterns, interests, needs, and even certain niches that are common in certain circles.

How Many Opportunities are There?

Another consideration is to define and research the market that is interested in your product. By researching the market as a whole via evaluating supply and demand, you can easily get an idea of  the approximate number of potential clients during a certain buying cycle.

This way you will not only get a good overview of the current market situation, but we will help you assess viable market opportunities by analyzing markets that are still untapped, giving you an edge to further accelerate your market growth.

Competitive Analysis

To get ahead of your competition is to know them — by researching their offerings and comparing them to your own, you can define more options that if applied to correct audiences will bring optimal results and even greater market share for your brand.

Test your messaging

Conduct a message testing and get the data from real customers you market your product/services to. Discover how your target audiences respond to your messaging and create websites, landing pages and marketing collateral that resonates. 

Execute Your Plan

After thoroughly contemplating these steps, it is time to put your plan into action. In this phase our priority will be to optimize your campaign to achieve the primary goal — be it generating leads or raising awareness; that is a chapter of its own.

Trends Come and Go

As with the mentioned buying cycles, your offerings are heavily affected by the current situation and mood in society. As such, it is more than helpful to expect changes in the market and apply them to your advertisements for greater effect. On the other hand, defining trends that might be fads is also a viable long-term strategy to maximize ad effectiveness.

Customer and partner Acquisition Strategy

Getting traction with your Go-to-market strategy requires a comprehensive plan executed across multiple channels. Besides acquiring clients with performance and brand awareness marketing, we help you build channel partnerships + strategic alliances with these services:

  • LinkedIn lead generation and outreach — generate and reach out to the most relevant B2B contacts and fuel your growth
  • Cold emails — connect with prospective partners via cold emails and establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

Get your free consultation and uncover how an effective go-to-market strategy will win market entry and set you for continuous growth.