Startups Stefan 01/17/2022

Digital marketing services for Startups

Plant the seed and get growing

Every good idea is as good as the effort that comes into marketing it to be viable. With having the idea as a seed in this case, you can sow it anytime. But the fruit will be reaped only after taking care of the seed properly.
Analogically we are talking about the growth stage of your startup. And to grow successfully, you need to have every bit of good backing that you can amass.

Improved top line - Get traction

The formula is simple – you hire our services, define your goals, we offer our solutions and execute them. As the results come in, they will be optimized to offer you your goal solutions. If it is traction for your MVP (minimal viable product) or growth, we have you covered.


We have nothing to hide – we will gladly explain everything that is not clear to you and on top of that, every ad and marketing account that is created for you stays as yours. This is covered by making everything your personal intellectual property. To stay in touch, we will agree on reports and calls in a way that is best for you.

If you decide to leave, no problem. We understand your needs and there will be no hard feelings.


We have professionals suited for your needs and they are not bound to one specialization. By applying experience from multiple disciplines ranging from content creation up to marketing strategy design, you can get a qualified second opinion or even a brand new opinion of what to expect.

Preparation is always the key and we are always happy to see you succeed.

Network expansion

Startups work best in synergy. We work with a multitude of clients that are from different businesses. Startup space is one of them and offers a wide range of possibilities to cooperate. We are here to add extra value to your investment and help you to network  with other like-minded businesses.

Innovation through customization

As hinted – there is no universal right way to be successful. It all boils down to multiple main factors. Your product or service is the starting line, where everything else continues to make sense via planning until you reach your desired goal.

We can help you through this whole process by not only consulting everything but also offering you the exact roadmap to get the best results possible.

Risk reduction

Startups are known to be a very volatile environment that can shift in a matter of days. We are proud to be a Google Premier partner since 2007 and on top of that, we have a number of successes that we are proud to be part of.

See more about our client Slido, which was later bought by Cisco:

Our client: Slido case study

Tomatoes took control of Slido’s performance marketing in July 2019.
Recently it has been acquired by Cisco.


Your target audience differs in every stage of growth. The journey will take you from different audiences, as other business partners, sponsors, up to the final consumer. To alleviate the need for coverage, we know where to start and how.

Improve ROI

Last but not least – startups tend to be tight on budget and we are aware of that. It is one of our priorities to offer you the best value for money to reach your end goal. The growth process is crucial and by prioritizing your needs you raise the chances of moving forward. In the finishing phases of offering the final product, you will use this experience to maximize the final profit to reap the rewards.