About us Jakub Sarlina 09/08/2023

Hello, we’re Tomatoes.

A digital agency with a strong focus on performance and results, living and breathing online marketing.

Our story

The founder of Tomatoes Advertising LLC is Jakub Sarlina, a digital marketing expert with over a decade of experience in the field.

Throughout his career, Jakub has held various marketing roles, spanning from search engine marketing to SEO & analytics to social media.

In his role as Chief of Delivery, Jakub was responsible for overseeing seven-figure marketing budgets for various SaaS companies, including Slido and Smartlook, both of which were eventually acquired by Cisco.

After years of successful marketing execution, Jakub sought a new professional challenge and entered into a partnership with his former employer, the digital marketing agency Tomatoes, and its founder Dusan Vavrek. This collaboration served as the cornerstone for the establishment of Tomatoes Advertising LLC.

At Tomatoes, we firmly believe that success is a collaborative endeavor. As a joint venture, we take pride in assembling a dynamic team of 16 marketing professionals, each with a proven track record in their respective areas of expertise.

Our core values


We consistently generate innovative ideas, develop forward-thinking marketing strategies, and anticipate market trends.


We value fairness and openness in our relationships with clients. With us, customers always retain full ownership of their intellectual property.


By putting your trust in us we effectively become an extension of your business. Your goals become ours, and your success is our success.

Companies we have worked with

“Tomatoes are knowledgeable experts in SEM for SaaS. We have been looking for a strong partner in this area for quite a long time, tried multiple agencies and freelancers until we finally found Jakub and Tomatoes. They take care of our Google Ads account – and do so very well. I’m glad we’ve found a partner to take our paid search to the next level.”
Tomas Sugar, CMO of Smartlook
"Tomatoes helped us grow in sign-ups, leads and sales. They optimized the return on ad spend by continuous optimization of our ads, targeting and budgets in various networks. They became our trusted partner."
Tomas Tencer, VP of Marketing, Slido

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