Why work with us? Jakub Sarlina 12/12/2023

Why work with us?

At Tomatoes, we’ve been setting the gold standard in SaaS digital marketing for over a decade.
We live and breathe our clients‘ brands and serve them as dedicated strategic partners catering to their visions.

Our principles

#1. Strategy beyond technical execution

We blend strategy and execution seamlessly. We don’t just look at marketing metrics like clicks, CPA or conversion rates like other agencies do. We dive into advanced KPIs like CLTV, CAC, and ARPA, factoring in market segmentation, ensuring a strategic approach to every campaign.

#2. Precise execution: From strategy to reality

A great strategy is only as effective as its flawless execution.
Guided by a senior SaaS digital strategist, our execution team, including meticulous data analysts and seasoned SaaS marketing specialists, keeps your daily operations aligned with your business goals and OKRs.

#3. Living your brand: A deep dive into your product

Deep understanding of your brand is key to effective marketing. We go beyond reading your brief — diving into your world, interacting with your sales and customer success teams, and exploring your product first-hand. We work as an extension of your marketing team.

#4. Stay ahead with proactivity

We don’t wait for you to come to us with questions.
Our data-driven approach means proactive recommendations, keeping your marketing strategy several steps ahead of the curve. In our regular check-ins, expect clear, actionable steps to boost your MRR.

#5. It's handled, not just delivered

We’re not just ticking tasks off a list. We understand the ripple effect of every action (and inaction) on your bottom line. We keep a meticulous record of all optimizations, evaluate their impact, and provide you with consistent updates on results. For us, it’s not just a service; it’s a commitment.

Companies we have worked with

“Tomatoes are knowledgeable experts in SEM for SaaS. We have been looking for a strong partner in this area for quite a long time, tried multiple agencies and freelancers until we finally found Jakub and Tomatoes. They take care of our Google Ads account – and do so very well. I’m glad we’ve found a partner to take our paid search to the next level.”
Tomas Sugar, CMO of Smartlook
"Tomatoes helped us grow in sign-ups, leads and sales. They optimized the return on ad spend by continuous optimization of our ads, targeting and budgets in various networks. They became our trusted partner."
Tomas Tencer, VP of Marketing, Slido

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