Anonymized SaaS MarTech case study Jakub Sarlina 04/10/2024

Case study: MarTech company boosted demand generation and optimized ad spend with Tomatoes

In July 2022, an established MarTech company faced a dilemma. Having worked with several renowned agencies that failed to meet their expectations, they were skeptical about partnering with another agency. Find out how Tomatoes changed their perspective.

The MarTech company, wishing to remain anonymous, initially considered hiring an in-house PPC specialist and reached out to Tomatoes primarily for consultancy and a second opinion.

After we conducted a comprehensive audit of their paid search campaigns, the client was rather impressed with our work. The quality of our delivery exceeded that of both previous agencies and their internal hire, leading them to entrust Tomatoes with the full management of their Google Ads and Bing Ads, from strategic planning to execution.

Overall results


Product trials



(click through rate)


Conversion rate



(cost per acquisition)


Average CPC

(cost per click)


Costs overall

(ad spend)



Results explained

To compare apples to apples, we are not comparing the periods before and after Tomatoes took over the company’s paid search campaigns. 

This is because, at the start of the collaboration in July 2022, there was a significant change in geo-targeting and a significant refocus of the campaigns. Hence, period-over-period (PoP)/year-over-year (YoY) comparisons would not have been relevant.

In our case study, we compare two relevant periods: from August 2022 to November 2022 (since the new account setup) versus August 2023 to November 2023 (YoY comparison).

As you can see in the results overview, impressions decreased by 36.19%, which is attributed to more precise targeting of the campaigns. In other words, the paid search ads are now being displayed to a narrower, more relevant audience.

CTR saw a significant increase of 56.46%, a result of the improved relevance of our ads. Similarly, the average CPC decreased by 29.34%, as we allocated the budget to cost-efficient campaigns that were more effective in terms of acquiring product trials.

Despite a budget reduction of 29.46%, our strategic approach enabled us to secure 31.52% more product trials. This boost in conversions was possible thanks to our use of pivot tables, which helped us identify the most effective aspects of our campaign strategy, including markets, campaigns, keywords, and products.

Given that we’re dealing with a multi-product SaaS MarTech company, this nuanced analysis was crucial. We continuously assessed and optimized budget allocation based on these insights, ensuring resources were directed towards the highest-performing areas.

How did we achieve the results?

Advanced analytical approach: We conducted detailed analyses at multiple levels, including markets, campaign clusters, specific ad groups, keywords, and search queries. We also performed advanced clustered and segmented analyses. This enabled effective budget allocation based on performance.

Benchmarking and optimization: By calculating benchmarks and averages of each level and applying suitable strategies accordingly, we tailored strategies for top performers and sought ROI improvements for underperforming segments.

Ad content iteration: We tested various USPs in our ads, allowing us to refine our messaging and identify what resonated best with our target audience.

Account restructuring: We performed data-driven changes in account structures to consolidate campaigns, preventing data fragmentation and enhancing Google’s algorithmic understanding of our ads.

A/B testing for ROI: Through careful A/B testing, we identified the setups that delivered the best ROI (return on investment), continually refining our approach based on data-driven insights.

As an unofficial highlight, we’d like to mention that our successful collaboration effectively restored the MarTech company’s trust in agency partnerships. After a series of negative experiences, Tomatoes demonstrated that partnering with experienced, data-driven agency experts with a strong focus on results does indeed pay off.

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