Social Media Marketing Agency Jakub Sarlina 09/10/2023

Social Media Marketing Agency

Make the most out of your social media accounts. We will help you build trust and brand awareness across
social media networks and propel your growth by advertising on the right platforms.

Build relationships and connect with your audience on social networks.

On average, people spend 10% of their day on social networks. Establishing a strong online presence will bring you closer to your target audience.

We will help you design a tailored, data-driven advertising strategy that will increase awareness for your brand and generate demand for your products and services across various social media platforms.

Organic social media

Effective social media accounts rely on delivering consistent, relevant, and engaging content. Rather than selling outright, social media is about building relationships.

  • Meaningful content for your brand
    Elevate your company profiles or connect with your audiences via your internal thought leaders. We’ll create a strong content foundation for you.

  • Consistency is the key
    Establish your unique brand voice and communication style across various social media platforms, ensuring a consistent online presence.


  • Explore different formats
    Experiment with text-based, visual, or interactive content to discover what resonates best with your audience across various social media.

Paid social media

Did you know that 53% of the world’s population is on social media? Tap into this vast audience, advertise on the right platforms and skyrocket your sales.

  • Target specific audiences
    Tailor your ads for specific groups of people and effectively retarget them later with contextual advertising and special offers.

  • Boost your conversion rate
    With detailed audience targeting for your ad campaigns, you will reach people who are likely to have an interest in what your company offers.

  • Grow your ROI across all platforms
    Audiences are segmented and have diverse needs. We’ll help you find synergy to generate more revenue and achieve a higher return on investment.

Maximize your reach across social media channels


Facebook remains a relevant social network for wide range of audiences. Its powerful targeting capabilities allow for driving relevant traffic and conversions, whether by retargeting, organic, or sponsored content.


For B2B and SaaS businesses, LinkedIn can be a powerful lead generation tool, as well as effective relationship builder. LinkedIn Campaigns Manager offers precise audience targeting, resulting in highly effective ad campaigns.


YouTube is a valuable medium for connecting with your customers or prospects, increase brand awareness, and build trust in your products or services through the power of video. Educate, inspire, advertise, all in one platform.

X (formerly Twitter)

X (formerly Twitter) is a widely popular network where you can effectively advertise, build brand awareness, engage with your customers in unique ways, and establish thought leadership through inspirational or educational content.


Gain more exposure through visual content. Instagram has an immense user base, making it a highly effective platform for showcasing products, building relationships with customers, and revealing the personal side of your brand.

We provide complex social media marketing services and consulting

Our methodology for helping you maximize ROI from your social media is grounded in expert knowledge, partnership, and open communication.

Initial consulting

First, we'll listen to you.
We want to understand your
goals on social media before exploring the opportunities available for your brand.

Detailed audit & analysis

We will dive deep into your
brand and niche to get the full
picture. We’ll audit your current
social profiles and analyse
your competitors.

Strategy creation

Driven by data, we'll develop a strategy and budget plan that aligns with your objectives and incorporates the latest trends in social media marketing.

Creation of ads and content

Then, it's time to roll up our sleeves and create engaging content and irresistible ad creatives. We've got you covered on all fronts.

Tracking and analytics

We will continually monitor the performance of your social ads,
provide reporting on ad spend and track engagement metrics for organic content.


Our team will consistently analyze the available data and optimize both ads and organic tactics to ensure optimal performance and results.

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