Website Analytics and Tracking Jakub Sarlina 09/10/2023

Website Analytics and Tracking

Make your data work for you and achieve growth through data-driven decisions. We will assist you in analyzing user behavior, tracking website visits, setting up and monitoring important metrics, and adjusting what isn’t working based on the available data.

Make the most out of your marketing efforts without increasing your budget.

Learn how your visitors arrived on your website, understand their behavior while on your site, and streamline any bottlenecks.

With thorough website analytics, you can gain insight into the digital channels that attract your prospects to your business and identify what isn’t working, enabling you to optimize your marketing tactics and prevent budget waste.

Website analytics

Google Analytics allows you to track essential metrics like website visits, users, leads, revenue, and conversion rates. This provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your website’s and business’s performance.

  • Analyze your website’s traffic and know where your prospects come from

  • Make data-driven decisions for your website and marketing and boost your conversions

  • Identify what isn’t working and adjust your websites’ content

Business intelligence and CRM software

Analyze the entire customer journey by incorporating a customer relationship management (CRM) system, such as Hubspot or Salesforce into your overall data intelligence strategy.

  • Centralize customer data like contact information, purchase history & previous communication

  • Track interactions from the initial lead generation to post-purchase phase and identify patterns and trends

  • Improve customer engagement and retention and proactively engage with customers throughout their journey

Make data-driven decisons & fuel your growth.

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