Digital creative Jakub Sarlina 01/18/2022

Digital creative for marketing

Stay true to your image

Getting seen today is a matter of not only concentrating on one method. You need to be seen – everywhere.

We are not gonna lie – it is a chore when you have to cover it yourself. Multiple specialists from graphic designers, photographers, animators, video editors, directors, copywriters, scriptwriters and many more need to be found to cover your brand image and convey it in a way that stays true to your roots.

Try explaining that to all of those people at once. This is where we step in to save you the hassle.

Just to mention a few…


Arguably, they are the best way to spread awareness and sustain costs at the same time. With the right graphic format and know-how they can also drive a very good number of visitors to your page.

While this format might not be as memorable as others mentioned here, it can subliminally affect a huge number of people and make them aware of your brand. A professional knows all the needed written and unwritten guidelines and rules of design to reach the optimal attention of your customers.


The second most used format is definitely a video – a more costly alternative due to more work related to its creation and preparation, but it ensures one thing – your customers will remember you.

By combining the authenticity of live video and animating what is usually static, you will always catch the long-term attention of a higher number of people than with any other format.

There are also multiple ways of preparing a video – live action with full script and crew recording what you need to advertise, video animation with infomercial style advert or a combination of both.

By hiring professionals you get the best results via not only high end production but also guidance needed to produce professional and attention grabbing content.

Landing pages

The last step of a successful campaign is a proper page, where the traffic is routed. This is collectively referred to as the landing page. By not only choosing the right one but by also creating a specialized page, you can control the final likelihood of a client contacting you.

By employing a team of specialized copywriters, UX designers and cooperating with your web developer, you will get an appropriate website that will fulfill your final goal of the whole campaign.