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Accelerate your SaaS growth with a free marketing session

Special offer for the attendees of SaaStr Europa 2023! Book a free 30-minute session with a leading SaaS demand generation strategist with 10+ years of experience working with top SaaS companies like Slido and Smartlook.

Book your meeting & learn how to:

  • Improve your self-service marketing campaigns and increase customer acquisition

  • Allocate budgets more effectively in a way that maximizes ROI and drives sustainable growth

  • Ignite inbound leads growth while remaining cost-effective

  • Uncover tactics to track and analyze B2B website visitors, empowering your sales team to prioritize and engage with high-potential leads

    + Get a 15-page ebook on how to conduct a competitive analysis with detailed strategy, tools, and practices and ready to use document templates

Get Competitive Analysis Ebook + Templates

Meet your demand generation partner

Jakub Sarlina

Jakub is a digital marketing executive with 10+ years of experience in helping SaaS companies scale to global reach.

As a founder of agency, Jakub has been working with high-profile clients in the SaaS industry such as Slido or Smartlook, helping them increase revenue, product activations, while decreasing CAC (customer acquisition costs).


Some time ago we realized that we needed to investin advertising. As a startup company, we have to be very resourceful. We wanted to have one centralized digital media agency with proven experience in the B2B segment in various markets such as Australia, Singapore, UAE, Europe and the USA. Tomatoes helped us to grow in sign-ups, leads and sales. They also optimized the return on ad spend by continuous optimization of our ads, targeting and budgets in various networks. They became our trusted partner.”

Tomas Tencer, CMO at Slido

Tomatoes are knowledgeable experts in SEM for SaaS,a crucial part of demand-generation activities in Smartlook (spend in hundreds of thousands of euros). We have been looking for a strong partner in this area for quite a long time, tried multiple agencies and freelancers until we finally found Jakub and Tomatoes. They take care of our Google Ads account – and do so very well.. I’m glad we’ve found a partner to take our paid search to the next level.

Tomas Sugar, CMO at Smartlook




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