Paid Advertising Stefan 11/01/2021

Paid Advertising

Reach your target audience and turn your advertising budget into real results

Targeted Presence Across Multiple Platforms

Differentiating your brand on a wide variety of platforms fills potential audience gaps and helps you communicate with your potential clients.

Google Display Network

Covering over 2 million websites, it is indisputably the biggest network available on which to advertise your brand and services. We can provide you with the whole process ranging from design, positioning  and optimization to deliver the best results.

Define your clients. Through GDN it is possible to target the most relevant people for your business. Are they looking to buy something? Do they have relevant interests to your business? Are they regular buyers? We have you covered.

Did they search for your brand? Did they visit your website? Stay on top of their minds with highly targeted ads. 

Possibilities are open — use banners or creative responsive ads that fill all the sizes available on Google Display Network.

Social Media Advertising

The average person spends 10% of their day visiting social networks, making it a very viable option to get in front of your customers. By combining  efforts of social media management and paid social media advertising, you can build your brand on a more personal level.

Social media offers powerful targeting mechanisms according to certain behaviors and interests. This way you can similarly target people by their buying intentions, interests and even if they visited your webpage or social media page.

The massive popularity of social media opens up a myriad of possible formats in which to convey your content. From single images, multiple image presentations, carousels, lead forms, to videos, or even combinations of these options, you have more than enough to choose from.


Video is the future. With the advent of video streaming services and smart TVs, video format is taking over the mainstream.. Because YouTube attracts  people searching for music, entertainment or education, you can find a wide variety of audiences fitting your needs.

Like with Google Display Network, it is possible to target specific people in the same network and even cross-target people from other Google-linked formats.

The key difference is in presentation and placement. Skippable in-stream videos, discovery format, unskippable short bumper videos, or even unskippable 15-second videos are a few of the formats used both by small business and big players.

Achieve Measurable ROI

Paid advertising offers instant feedback, measurable results and real-time optimization.

Our goal is not only to increase your brand’s exposure but also to drive meaningful results such as appointments, leads or sales

One of the key metrics we always bear in mind is ROI (return on investment), and we pride ourselves in saving you money and generating more customers at the same time.

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