The process Jakub Sarlina 10/27/2021

The process

During initial consultations, we are often asked what our process looks like from beginning to successful partnership. Although working with each client is different, these are typical milestones.

1. We listen to you

First, we learn as much as possible about your business. We want to understand who your ideal customer is, their decision-making process, where are they located, and more. We will ask you many questions.

2. We audit your past and current marketing

We also ask you about your past and current marketing endeavors. This way we can build on your data and expedite the learning process.

3. We prepare the right marketing strategy for your business.

After we gather enough information, we prepare the right marketing strategy for you. Then, we walk you through the process so everything is crystal clear

4. Proposal and contract

If you like our audit, points we highlighted, and proposed strategy, we will prepare a proposal and share our contract template with you. After the signature and initial payment, we will start.

5. Showtime

We divide cooperation with clients into two phases:

  1. the pilot (the first 30 days)

  2. ongoing assistance    

Pilot — the first 30 days

During this period, we ensure we are on the same page and that the marketing strategy is approved, so we can start with everything required

We double check that your tracking is up and running, create ad accounts and set up everything for you so our digital campaigns are ready when you are. During this first month we invest the approved marketing budget and gather initial data.

After the pilot, both you and we are able to anticipate further budgets, results and manage expectations. 

Ongoing optimization - after the pilot report

We continue improving your campaigns and results – constantly aiming for decreasing customer acquisition cost while increasing customer volume. 

Any questions?