Radiology Marketing Engine Jakub Sarlina 11/22/2021

Radiology Marketing Engine

Find new ways to utilise and maximise your medical imaging equipment

Expand your medical imaging facility with innovative client and patient acquisition marketing. Filling your empty slots and generating additional revenue was never easier thanks to the power of online marketing.

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Go ahead and download our free Radiology Marketing Engine. You will gain access to our tailored materials which can help your business be more efficient. This includes the following:

  • Our e-book contains useful tips on how to use marketing strategies to effectively drive relevant people to your website and turn them into your patients.
  • 7 important tips on how to market your facility during the pandemic.
  • Medical Imagining Industry insights, stats, & Market forecasts where you can find information about the present and future of medical imaging industry.
  • Medical Imagining Industry – Google and Tomatoes Auction Insights, which will help you to find out the most relevant keywords to bring patients to medical imaging facilities and how much advertising on Google costs

We, at Tomatoes Advertising, LLC are here for you. Happy to help and always ready to find solutions to for your medical imaging needs.
Happy to help and always ready to find solutions for your medical imaging needs.

With over 14 years of experience in international online marketing, we are confident in what we do, and you can rest assured that you are on the right track to fulfilling your business and healthcare goals.

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Insider Industry Experts

Our specialists are insiders regarding medical imaging digital marketing. We can provide you with know-how in the industry to not only kickstart your services but to keep you up to date with current marketing industry trends and innovations.

Generate valuable leads and get to know what happens behind the scenes in the industry.

Stay ahead of the Crowd

Medical imaging is an ever-changing sector with high demand for the newest technologies, safety protocols, and skilled professionals. This means your practice must be at its peak performance to meet your patient’s expectations. By cooperating with skilled marketing specialists in the industry, you are guaranteed to have the newest information and tailored recommendations to be used in your situation – even before your competition gets the memo.

Don’t be part of the crowd – lead it

..but most importantly

Reduce acquisition Costs and Enhance Performance

Outsourcing your marketing efforts relieves you of the burden associated with day-to-day marketing activities and keeping up with the latest marketing trends and updates. You have more time to concentrate on running your facility and focusing on providing the best possible patient and client care. At the same time, you don’t need to hire costly in-house team to take care of your marketing.

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