Key SaaS marketing metrics for scaling your business internationally Jakub Sarlina 07/01/2024

Key SaaS marketing metrics for scaling your business internationally


In the SaaS landscape, measuring the right metrics is everything. 

While traditional SaaS digital marketing metrics such as conversion rates (CvR), cost per click (CPC), and cost per acquisition (CPA) are crucial to track, they typically offer immediate, tactical data that define the optimization of paid search or PPC campaigns.

For strategic expansion, especially internationally, it’s crucial to dive deeper into more advanced metrics like Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV).

Looking into these can unveil opportunities and optimize strategies for entering new markets as well as effectively scaling a SaaS business. These metrics not only guide tactical decisions but also shape broader strategic initiatives, driving success in the global arena.

Here are several reasons why it’s worth looking into these more advanced KPIs:

Identifying profitable markets

ARPA and CLTV provide insights into which geographical markets are most profitable. High ARPA and CLTV can indicate markets where customers have a higher willingness to pay and a greater potential for long-term revenue, guiding a business to allocate resources and tailor strategies effectively to these regions. Markets with high ARPA and CLTV not only promise greater revenue but also stability and growth potential.

Resource allocation

Understanding ARPA and CLTV helps in making informed decisions about where to allocate resources such as customer support, marketing, and local adaptations of the product. Strategic resource distribution is key for successful market entering and scaling, ensuring that every investment is aligned with potential returns.

💡Real-life example:

With one of our clients, Smartsupp, we focused on ARPA to improve targeting of the paid search campaigns and reach better results with Google Ads. 

For example, we grouped several markets (geo-locations) with very similar ARPA and similar average cost-per-acquisition (CPA). As the data were aggregated into a single campaign, Google’s bidding mechanism had more information to learn from, achieving better overall results than what would have been possible if the markets had been segmented into individual campaigns.

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Optimizing pricing strategies

As SaaS companies expand globally, they must adapt pricing strategies to local purchasing power and competition. ARPA helps assess whether the current pricing model is suitable for new markets or if it needs to be adjusted to maximize revenue. This ensures that pricing is both competitive and aligned with customer expectations, which is key to gaining market share.

Forecasting and investment

CLTV is critical for forecasting future revenues and determining how much to invest in acquiring new customers. A higher CLTV compared to Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) means more room to spend on marketing and sales, which is essential in competitive international markets. This metric helps predict long-term profitability, guiding investment decisions that support sustainable growth.

Improving customer retention

Analyzing CLTV also provides insights into customer retention, highlighting how long customers typically stay and their value throughout their lifecycle. These insights can lead to improved customer service, better product updates, and more targeted user engagement strategies, which are essential for maintaining growth in new markets

Tailoring product development

Insights from ARPA can influence decisions around product development. If certain features drive higher ARPA in specific markets, a company might prioritize these features to cater to regional preferences or requirements. This approach not only enhances product appeal and adoption but also ensures that the offering is customized to the distinct needs and preferences of each market, thereby increasing satisfaction and retention.

Risk management

Lastly, these advanced metrics offer a clearer picture of potential return on investment and help mitigate risks associated with entering new markets. By providing a detailed analysis of economic value and customer behavior, businesses can pursue growth in a controlled, informed manner, reducing the likelihood of costly missteps.

Over to you

By integrating advanced metrics such as ARPA and CLTV into your data analysis, you can unlock profound insights that will drive strategic decisions, enhance customer experience, and maximize ROI.

If you’re looking to elevate your SaaS business’s global strategy but aren’t sure where to start, we’ll be happy to help you decode these metrics and set your business on the path to international success.. Book a free consultation with us today.

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